Nuru massage in Prague

Do you love woman's body and dream to be as close to it as posiible? Do you need a perfect rest after a hard day work? Do you want to let yourself pamper by young girls? Dreaming of a cool rest at a hot day?

Just for you we have nuru massage in Prague!

At the very beginning you will find yourself in a nice and full of candles room where you will be offered something warm or cold to drink. Here you can set the rules of massage with your masseur and share your wishes. We'll try our best to satisfy them  to make you feel like the king from the fairy-tail A Thousand and One Nights.

After taking a shower you will make youself comfortable on a futon and you can look forward to a delightful and exciting massage with a girl dressed in Eve's robe.

Your masseur will first freel your stiffed muscles with a classical relaxing massage and then she will provide you with sensitive massage with all her naked body making you feel excited and deeply free. Doing that she uses a special nuru gel acting coolling you body and improves uniting with a naked bidy of the masseur. You will remember the touches of a soft body not one night.Finally she will take care of your intimate zones with special strokes to reach climax. This massage is not aimed at sexual satisfaction but to free from everyday stress which an be reached only with professional nuru massage in Prague! To make the end even more delightful you can enjoy the massage of feet or neck and a stream of warm water in our modern shower washing off all your stress.

Why is nuru massage  in Prague  benefitial?

  • It fills your body with power and energy
  • Helps against depression
  • It will relax your stiffed muscles
  • It will improve your sexual life
  • you will please your libido
  • you will find out erotic zones you didn't know would excist

Nothing can fill a man with such positive energy of love and quietness as a real contact with another person and you can experience it just with nuru massage in Prague!

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